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  I don’t think I’m going to go into the business of building and selling 3D printers — I can’t build complete printers quickly enough to be competitive in the market.

However, I am selling some of the non-printable parts, which are useful for making higher precision Delta and Kossel printers:

High-precision ball studs are $1.50 each. 12 are needed.

10mm diameter 15mm high N52 magnets are $2 each. These are the best you can get. 12 are needed.

I use 6mm ∅ carbon fiber tubes. Six are needed. You can also use 10mm ∅ tubing

I also precisely build and sell assembled sets of magnetic zero-backlash arms complete with ball studs using the above parts. Each set of 6 will have a maximum variation of 50µm. I produce sets with less variation — 30µm is normal. The length of the arms from the center of one ball to the center of the other is about 288mm, which is the right size for a full-sized Kossel (~750mm high) printer. I also build them to 215mm lengths for Mini Kossel printers. I measure the arms with large calipers and mark their lengths on tape on each arm. A complete set of six, with CNC’d Delrin ends, is $90.

I’ve also added two more sizes: 304mm and 360mm. I believe 304mm is a better match for “classic” Kossel printers with 360mm horizontal extrusions and 250mm beds. The 360mm arms are for printers with 300mm beds and they are a little extra at $95/set.

If you need arms with a custom length, I can build them in lengths up to 600mm. They’re $120/set. If you’d like them built with 10mm CF tubing, it adds about $60 extra.

US airmail postage is a flat $7.
International airmail postage varies depending on the size of the package, but is typically around $25. Let me know what country you’re in and I’ll get you a quote.

Send me an email to let me know what you’d like and I’ll send you a PayPal request.
I’m at: haydn.huntley@gmail.com

Here are the quick and easy auto-calibration instructions.

My latest printer design https://www.Kumu-3D.com maximizes performance and minimizes cost. You can build one for about $600 and its performance is right up there with the very best!

If anyone is interested in building a KosselPlus, let me know and I’ll be glad to help you!

Some of its features are:
Here are links to designs for all of the parts, including OpenSCAD source in case you’d like to make modifications or improvements: Bill of Materials